Bulletproof Blueprint


Take Digital Inventory and Set the Course

Trying to communicate the heart and soul of your brand while still running your business can be messy and discouraging. Messaging, visuals and platform management can get lost in the shuffle while you growing your business (and live your life). It’s a lot.

The BULLETPROOF BLUEPRINT is a month-long program that transforms your chaos into order and gets that runaway train back on track.

We’ll help you to reframe and manage your message, both visually and verbally. We’ll help you build a virtual trellis for your ever growing brand, giving it boundaries and direction so it can climb, grow and thrive.

During our month together, you’ll receive:

  • The FV Custom Brand Assessment

  • Two 45 minute phone sessions with Carrie

  • Customized solutions

  • Actionable recommendations

  • Handpicked resources and referrals

  • Unparalleled guidance and insight

  • Unlimited email communication