Digital Branding for Creative Professionals

Seamless brand execution is non-negotiable.

We are your secret weapon.
The expert in your ear.

Your Brand Fixer.


We create big picture brand roadmaps with concrete, actionable directives.

Whether you’re growing your business or kicking off a passion project, you need to provide an exceptional brand experience. Your success depends on it.

Our signature offering, THE BRAND DOSSIER, will help to focus and refine your brand experience and then set it in motion.

  • Ensure your brand is consistent and current across all platforms.

  • Adapt to and stay ahead of trends in social media and marketing.

  • Monitor everyone who touches your brand - both internal and external - to ensure everything stays consistent and on track.

We’ve been serving business owners and unstoppable visionaries for over two decades.

Simply put, our clients are bosses. They are executives working on side projects, celebrity stylists, costume designers, writers, directors, artists, producers, established and growing fashion brands, celebrity chefs and reality TV winners. They have mind-blowing client lists, seemingly endless energy and zero time to waste.


Our no-nonsense, transparent approach delivers both actionable, big picture solutions and immediate, concrete results.

We’ll help you create a cohesive brand experience and reap the benefits — immediately.


Client Love

Carrie keeps her finger on the pulse of what is happening, and balances a practical get-it-done approach with a distinctive clean and modern design aesthetic.
— Sean Carmody / Director at Age of Learning
In a sea of constant issues when trying to run a start-up, we have been so pleased with the quality of your work and responsiveness.
— Staci Miller / Co-Founder of Momstamp
Truly a huge thank you from us for all your hard and above and beyond work.
— Josh Bycel / Co-Founder of OneKid OneWorld / Television Writer and Producer
Ford/Visuals was instrumental in the web and brand redesign that I recently undertook. Working with Carrie was an absolute pleasure and a total success: her design sense, aesthetic and commercial instincts are spot on. I give her full editorial freedom. 
— Luis Vargas
Wonderful job!! The work you are doing on for us is really fantastic. Thanks again for the great work.
— Producer at the AIDS Quilt
I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did. The feedback from people is unbelievable!
— Jane Soudah / Winner of the Food Network's Baking Championship
Working with you on our new direction has been so rewarding. I feel very fortunate that you are the one we chose.
— Lolly Mahaney / Kellar Mahaney Art
Carrie is a branding goddess with a keen eye for style and design. I’ve worked closely with her for years and I trust her implicitly.
— Bryan Yates / Founder of Locomotiv Performance Training