The Brand Dossier

Build Your Brand’s Foundation

Your Brand Dossier is the holy grail for how your business communicates, both internally and externally. This detailed and user-friendly resource will contain everything from your core brand elements like logos and fonts, to the language style you use on social media. This fully custom document will help to keep you in control of your message.

This is the document you use when on-boarding new talent, consulting with a Public Relations agency, or working with a new photographer.

The Brand Dossier is completed within one month. It will be your foundation. It will keep you organized.

After assessing your overall brand status and learning about your goals and vision, we’ll gather assets and get to work. The Brand Dossier will ensure you are expressing clear messaging and cohesive, expressive visuals.

  • FV Custom Brand Assessment

  • Actionable solutions

  • Moodboards

  • Handpicked resources and referrals.

  • Unparalleled guidance and insight.

  • One 45 minute phone sessions with Carrie.

  • Unlimited email communication with our team