Kind Words


I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did. The feedback from people is unbelievable!
— Jane Soudah / Baker / Author of Delightful Desserts
Carrie was instrumental in the web and brand redesign that I recently undertook. Working with her was an absolute pleasure and a total success: her design sense, aesthetic and commercial instincts are spot on.
— Luis Vargas CEO of Modern Adventure
Thank you. You are amazing and on point.
— Luke Storey, Founder of The School of Style
Carrie keeps her finger on the pulse of what is happening, and balances a practical get-it-done approach with a distinctive clean and modern design aesthetic.
— Sean Carmody / Senior Director of Production at Age of Learning


Can we just say that we LOVE you. In a sea of constant issues when trying to run a start-up, we have been so pleased with the quality of your work and responsiveness.
— Founder of a Parenting Startup 
Carrie is a branding goddess with a keen eye for style and design. I’ve worked closely with her for years and I trust her implicitly.
— Bryan Yates / Digital Branding Consultant
It all looks amazing. Truly a huge thank you from us for all your hard and above and beyond work.
— Josh Bycel Television Writer / Producer  Founder of OneKid OneWorld
You’ve been wonderful to work with. You are the picture of professionalism.
— Senior Fashion Industry Business Consultant
We really appreciate your consistent support and encouragement!
— Managing Director / Accenture Strategy
I cannot believe how you nailed it. You have truly helped me to change my life both professionally and otherwise and I am eternally grateful.
— Heather Greene / Soft Goods and Prop Stylist / Production Designer