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The Brand Dossier

Our signature offering is The Brand Dossier. It will focus and refine your brand experience - then set it in motion.

  • Ensure your brand is consistent and current across all platforms.

  • Adapt to and stay ahead of trends in social media and marketing.

  • Monitor everyone who touches your brand - both internal and external - to ensure everything stays consistent and on track.

    Whether you’re starting something new or refreshing your business, you need to provide an exceptional brand experience. We created The Brand Dossier to help you do just that.


We’ll assess, analyze and synthesize short and long term goals for your brand. Then we’ll craft big-picture direction and strategy to ensure you continue to grow along the trellis of your brand vision. Everything you do, whether or short or long term, should relate to your big picture goals.

We’ll focus and maximize your brand’s communication and messaging at every touch point, from social media and website imagery to copywriting and messaging.

What are the easiest goals for us to reach right now? Let's focus on those first. We’ll provide you with optimized, actionable, short term directives you can tackle that bring you immediate results. Our low-hanging-fruit direction always puts you or keeps you on a path to reach your long term goals. low-risk, high-yield


The Brand Dossier was designed to help clear mental space so you can focus on the larger vision for your business. Less headaches, more revenue.

Starting at $5,000.

One Month

We crafted the Brand Dossier so that it can be completed within one month. Why?

  • Momentum and focus breed results.

  • Trends and platforms change on a dime.

  • What works this month may not work later.

  • This clearly defined timeline ensures we’re all working from the same kick-off positivity.

  • It helps to keep everyone working from gut instinct and intuition.

  • With the threat of overthinking out of the way, we’re better poised to make it happen so you see results.

  • If you’re here you probably need it done yesterday.  


Ongoing Intel and Insight

Whether you are doing internal reviews or bring us on board to help, ongoing brand check-ups and trend reviews are crucial to keep everything on track.

We offer monthly custom, innovation-and-trend-driven assessments and recommendation reports. Each month we’ll look at specific opportunities that you can take action on immediately, as well as make long term insights and recommendations to ensure you’re keeping the heart of your brand pumping. You’ll rest easy knowing someone has their eye on your branding.

  • Ongoing check-ins help you to to reflect on choices and their efficacy.

  • Review trends, staffing, changes in your business model and then roll out alterations in line with your brand vision.  

  • We will help to ensure the nuts and bolts of your brand experience stay on track and on message.

  • As your team rolls out new product launches, website changes, and social media campaigns, we will regularly review and make recommendations to ensure all the spinning plates of your brand are moving in harmony.